Gulhi Island

Discover the charm of Gulhi Island, a local gem situated 21 km south of Male. With a population of 900 and compact dimensions of 670x230m, Gulhi offers an authentic Maldivian experience, once popular among backpackers.

Activities in Gulhi

Beach Bliss: Enjoy two stunning beaches, south and north, with facilities like public showers. The Bikini Beach stands out for tranquil swimming and snorkeling.

Underwater Adventures: Explore accessible snorkeling spots like Coral Garden and Turtle Point. Fishing enthusiasts can experience reef, deep-sea, and night fishing with local tour operators. Surfing options abound, catering to various skill levels.

Gulhi's Vibrant Mix

Gulhi thrives on fishing and boat building, boasting the Maldives' oldest dockyard. The island provides essential facilities, a small clinic for medical care, and recreational options like PADI dive centers and water sports. Culinary delights can be enjoyed at Salt Harbour, Noovilla Coffeeshop, Dhilakani Cafe, and Tropic Platter.


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